Promotional Products FAQs

Why use Promotional Products?

As you probably already know, Promotional Products are a great advertising tool. Not only do they promote image and brand awareness, they are also a fantastic way to introduce products and services. Promotional Products are especially great for generating leads at trade shows, conventions, fairs or corporate events.

Getting your information in the hands of potential customers is the primary goal, and nothing does that better than promotional products. Numerous studies have proven that promotional products outlast most any type of advertising, such as classified ads, TV spots and radio commercials. Promotional products also have the ability to stay visible to your customers for many years to come. There are thousands of unique promotional products to choose from in a wide variety of price ranges. Whether your budget is $100 or $100,000, Kreative Koncepts has an enormous selection of products for you to choose from to fit your specific needs.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Who are your manufacturers and suppliers?
As a member of AIA, we have access to thousands of the best manufacturers and suppliers most of whom are located in North America. Part of the selection process is vetting each company so that we are only working with the biggest, best, and most established suppliers in the marketplace. Not only does this give us a huge pricing advantage, it also means that we are able to pass on tremendous savings to you due to our purchasing power.

Imprint Option FAQs

If you are new to ordering promotional products, deciphering the different imprint options can be a bit confusing. Here is a summary of  the most popular imprint methods by which your product can be branded with your company logo and/or name.

How accurate are the colors I see on my screen?
That depends! I have two monitors on my desk and the colors do not match exactly. Even so, you will be happy to know that all of the product photos and images on the Kreative Koncepts web site are optimized for the best screen and printer color accuracy at the factory default settings for most name brand monitors and color printers. However, the colors may vary slightly depending on the settings, quality and/or age of your monitor or printer. Normally, this should not affect your ability to visualize how your artwork will appear on the final product. Kreative Koncepts cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of colors due to the difference in monitors and/or printers.

Whenever exact color match is critical, Kreative Koncepts STRONGLY suggests providing your own PMS color. If a PMS color is not provided, a color will be assigned at our discretion.

Artwork FAQs

What if my artwork isn't in usable format? What if I don’t have artwork?
Don’t worry. Send us what you have. Our team will work with what you have to create exactly what you need – FREE. Don’t have art? Let us know your ideas and we’ll create it for you – FREE. While most promotional products companies charge for these services we consider it part of our personal service to you!

Do you keep my art on file?
Yes! We always keep your artwork on file to make reordering easy! It also speeds up new orders when you find yourself in need of additional products. We want to make the ordering process simple and easy!

Where do I send my artwork?
Simply reply to your order confirmation e-mail and include the artwork as an attachment — and we’ll take it from there. You can also send it to:

What is the difference between a bitmap file and a vector file?

Raster images (aka bitmap images) use a grid of individual pixels, each of which can be a different color or shade. These file types are always raster-based: .jpg .gif .png .tif .bmp

If you scale or increase the size of a bitmap file, the enlarged image appears pixilated and contains jagged edges.


Vector (Encapsulated Postscript) files use x and y coordinates to create shapes with points and lines. This allows for scaling and modification without a loss of image resolution.


These file types are often, but not always, vector-based: .ai .cdr .eps .pdf .ps .wmf
Sometimes these file types are raster or a combination of vector and raster. ** Changing the file name to an .eps extension does not change the file type. **

For this reason, Kreative Koncepts recommends using vector artwork for all types printing as vector artwork will produce a sharper imprint with no jagged edges - no matter how big or small the actual design may be when printed.

What file formats do you accept?
Vector artwork such as Adobe Illustrator (.AI or .EPS), Corel Draw (.CDR), and Macromedia Freehand (.FHX) in PC or MAC platform is preferred. We request that any type be converted to outlines (curves) before sending.

High quality/high resolution files such as Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), .TIFF or Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) may also be acceptable. We ask that these files be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size, and at least 600 dpi in PC or MAC platform.

Other acceptable file formats include, but are not limited to, Microsoft Word (.DOC), PageMaker (.PMD), PowerPoint (.PPT) , and low resolution/quality files such as.JPEG, .GIF, or. BMP.

Depending on the size and quality of the image, we may or may not be able to use images or logos saved from a web site.

These are guidelines only and not all files submitted with these extensions are guaranteed to work. Each project will be handled on a case by case basis.

What is a PMS (Pantone Matching System) Color?
You want your logo in red, but which red?  Even specific titles like “bright red” can vary greatly between items and printers... as well as between my definition of bright red and yours.  So, how can you be sure you get the right red? It's simple! Unless stated otherwise, all items on can be printed using the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

The Pantone Color Matching System is a standardized color reproduction system used primarily in the printing industry, though also sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics. The pantone matching system assigns number codes to ink colors, allowing you to ensure that printer A (who is printing your pens) and printer B (who is printing your notepads) use the SAME red on both items. PMS color matches are available on most items; please call us for more details.

Can I specify a PMS color for my imprint?
Yes! Whenever exact imprint color is critical, Kreative Koncepts STRONGLY suggests providing your own PMS color. If a PMS color is not provided, a color will be assigned by us. Kreative Koncepts cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of colors due to the difference in monitors or if the customer is unhappy with the color printed but did not indicate a valid PMS color prior to authorizing the final order.

Please keep in mind that, in some cases, there is an additional charge for this service in order to get the specialized ink if an exact match is required. There are also a few products where, due to the limitations of the imprinting process, exact PMS matching isn’t possible.

If you don’t require an exact match, but would like us to be ‘as close as possible’ – we’re happy to help. Just let us know which colors we should be working towards in the ‘additional comments’ section in the order process, or just let your representative know (you’ll get an e-mail from them shortly after you place your order!).

How long is my artwork kept on file?
Any artwork submitted or created for printing promotional products or custom apparel remains on file unless Kreative Koncepts receives a written request asking that we remove the files from our servers.

In no case will Kreative Koncepts share your artwork with outside vendors, affiliates, or other customers — unless we receive your written request to do so. In addition, Kreative Koncepts is happy to provide you with digital copies of your artwork upon request. Your artwork is secure and is the sole property of the organization it was created or used for. Most film, screens, and digitizing is kept on file for two years from the latest order/reorder.

Ordering FAQs

How to Choose the Right Imprinted Promotional Product
Although price is always a primary consideration in choosing your imprinted promotional product, there are other factors that are much more important. Rather, you should select a promo item that matches your business and your client or prospect's business and goals.  For instance, what products might your clients use on a daily basis? That's a great place to put your business name! Simply consider the types of products your clients need, and then meet those needs with your imprinted promotional product.

Ughhh...I know what I want but I can't find it!
Kreative Koncepts has access to thousands of  promotional products! If you're looking for something specific, just give us a call and we'll be glad to find the perfect product or offer suggestions for theme ideas or special events.

What does the pricing shown online include?
For most items, the pricing online includes the cost of the item AND the cost of imprinting it using one color in one location. Items that require set-up fees will be noted in the “Product Details” section.

The price per unit is reduced with higher quantities. The more you buy, the more money you will save!

Please note that shipping, sales tax, set-up and other charges are additional (unless otherwise noted) and estimates are available upon request.

SPECIALTY NICHE WEBSITES:  On our Specialty Niche Websites only, we have incorporated the shipping and designated setup fees into the price of the item. (You will see the term, "ALL INCLUSIVE — NO additional charges" on the individual product page if this offer applies.) If you want to add additional colors, change imprint options, etc. then please email or call our office and let us give you a customized quote.

Pricing online is subject to change without notice.

What are Set-up Charges?
To imprint your specific logo on an item requires customized set-up of printing plates, engraving lasers, film, screens, die, etc.

Set-up fees vary depending on the item and print options. The set-up fees are usually listed on each product page. For most promo items, one-color/one-location print is included with the standard set-up fee. Additional set-up fees may apply for multiple colors and/or additional locations.

Keep in mind that if you ever place an exact reorder for the same item you do not have to pay the set up charge again!

Why did the pricing online change?
Product availability and pricing changes CONSTANTLY. Though we make every effort possible to keep the website accurate and up to date, there are the rare instances where either the price has changed or the item is no longer available and was discontinued without notice.

All verbal and written quotes are valid for 30 (thirty) days.

What is the proof approval policy?
Kreative Koncepts requires that all new orders receive a paper/electronic proof and order acknowledgment prior to sending the order to final production. A paper proof is provided at no cost and is our best representation of what your final product will look like. Often the artwork is 100% sized or to scale and is only intended to provide an idea as to what the final product will look like when completed. The paper proof and order acknowledgment are checked for misspellings and other mistakes (such as product colors, imprint color, imprint locations, sizing, etc), but there is occasionally the rare instance when an error might go unnoticed. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take part in this process by carefully checking your paperwork before signing off and submitting your approval.

Kreative Koncepts cannot be held responsible for any incorrect interpretations of the artwork or order approval. If you have any questions or need clarification, please call us.  We always suggest showing the proof to several other people involved in the project — the more eyes, the better chance of catching mistakes.

If you do notice a mistake, please call or email...  or note it on the paperwork. We always make corrections or changes promptly for no additional charge. All changes must be confirmed in writing. If you need to make a change, your safest option is requiring an additional proof so you can see how the changes have been implemented.

KREATIVE KONCEPTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS THAT ARE OVERLOOKED AND LATER APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER. In addition, Kreative Koncepts cannot be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred as a result of the error or mistake after the order has been printed and accepted by the customer.

Once the customer approves the proof and order acknowledgment, we cannot guarantee our ability to make ANY changes to the order. Whether correct or with errors, the order is printed exactly as approved by the customer. That means it is VERY IMPORTANT to carefully look over ALL the paperwork before replying with your approval. If an error is discovered after final approval has been given by the customer, please call us immediately.  Although we cannot guarantee we will be able to correct it before going into production, the sooner we are made aware of the error, the better chance we can fix it.

What is a paper/digital proof?
Before each order is printed, we will fax or e-mail a copy of your artwork for approval. The paper proof shows the best possible representation of how the imprint will appear on the completed product. This is your chance to make sure that the font, spacing, spelling and other details of the order are correct and to provide us with any additional information we may need to print the order correctly. Paper proofs are always provided free of charge!

What is a pre-production proof?
While the paper/digital proof will give you the best possible representation of the final product, we understand if you want to see the printed item in your hand before full production.  Upon written request, Kreative Koncepts can produce the printed product sample before finalizing an order. However, pre-production proofs will incur an additional service charge. Pre-production proofs typically take one week to produce and may add up to two weeks to production. Please call or email if you are interested in receiving a pre-production proof.

How do I place an order? — An Overview

Once you place your order, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail confirmation with your order number. If you have artwork you’d like us to use or work from to create new art, simply reply to this e-mail and attach your art. Next, we will review your artwork, make suggestions if needed, and confirm dates.

Once all of the details are set, you’ll receive a link to your ‘e-proof’ showing your artwork on a mockup of the item(s) you’re purchasing. If everything is exactly the way you want it, then simply approve it. If there are changes or improvements, then we will work together to get it exactly right. Once you’ve approved the art you’ll see an order confirmation with all of the dates and charges.

Production does not begin until ALL the following steps have been met:

  1. Payment Has Been Received
    Kreative Koncepts requires that orders from New Customers be prepayed via credit card or check before production can begin.
  2. Proof Approval Has Been Received
    Kreative Koncepts requires that all artwork be approved before production can begin.
  3. A Signed and Dated Order Acknowledgment Has Been Received
    Kreative Koncepts requires that a signed and dated order acknowledgment containing the customer’s signature be submitted before final production can begin.

Production begins the day after each of the steps listed above have been received by our office (confirmation of receipt will be sent via e-mail).

Remember, nothing goes into production without your approval!

Step-by-Step through the Order Process

We understand that sifting through the thousands of items in our online store can be overwhelming. At Kreative Koncepts, we strive to make your purchase experience a pleasant one. We pride ourselves on people-to-people contact every step along the way.

If you have questions during any step, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (866) 599-8200 or via e-mail at

1. Select a Product / What if I don't see the product online that I am looking for?
Browse our large selection of promotional products by navigating through our web site. Begin by choosing a product category or typing a keyword into the search function.

Overwhelmed by all the choices — or need fresh ideas? Can't find a particular promotional item — or would like to create your own? We can help!

Kreative Koncepts has offices in Orlando Florida and Dallas Texas and we are happy to bring samples out and brainstorm with you. Live outside of our area? That's okay too. Call us at: 866-599-8200 or via e-mail at and let us to do the research for you! We are always happy to assist you in finding an item that’s uniquely you!

2. Detailed Quote
Complete the information request form on the product details page by clicking the “Request Quote” icon or contact us by calling toll free at (866) 599-8200. You may also contact us via e-mail at

3. Place Order

ONLINE - By shopping online, you can order your promotional products anytime, 24/7. Our office will contact you shortly after placing your order to confirm your order details.

TELEPHONE - Call us toll free at (866) 599-8200.

EMAIL - You may also contact us via e-mail at

Once you place your order, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail confirmation with your order number.

If you received a quote, simply reply to the email to get your order started.

SPECIALTY NICHE WEBSITES:  On our Specialty Niche Websites only, we have incorporated the shipping and designated setup fees into the price of the item. (You will see the term, "ALL INCLUSIVE — NO additional charges" on the individual product page if this offer applies.) If you want to add additional colors, change imprint options, etc. then please email or call our office and let us give you a customized quote.

4. Submit Artwork
Next, email your artwork to us as either a vectored .ai or .eps file to If you are unable to send us your artwork in these file types, then just send us your existing artwork files and we will convert them to the necessary file type for you.

Will I see a proof before my order goes into production?
ALWAYS! Unless it is an exact reorder, you always see an ‘e-proof’ of your item which must be approved by you before we proceed!

5. Review and Approve the Order Acknowledgment and Digital Proof
Once our art department has set up your proof, you will receive an e-mail containing your Virtual Art Proof. You must approve your order and artwork to begin production. If we have any questions or need any other information from you, we will contact you immediately. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. You will always be kept informed about your order status throughout the ordering process.

6. Submit Payment

We accept checks and all major credit cards. You can also request an open account. If you choose this option, we will automatically check with D&B to see if an account can be open. If you’re not listed with D&B or the listing is incomplete we will send a credit application. Please allow extra time for this credit checking process. Your order can’t go into production until your account has been opened. Our terms are net 30 days.

When do you charge my credit card? Do you require pre-payment? We ‘authorize’ your card once your order is ready to go into production, but we do not normally collect the funds until your order ships.

Do you charge sales tax?
We collect all applicable taxes for goods and services shipped to a Florida address. Customers in other states may be required to remit use taxes. If your organization is exempt, please supply us with your resale certificate. Sales tax is not applied to the shipping portion of your order.

Shipping & Delivery FAQs

How much is shipping and handling?
Due to the constant fluctuation in gas costs, service options, and delivery availability, Kreative Koncepts chooses to NOT post freight estimates on this web site. However, detailed freight estimates are provided upon request at any time.

When available, Kreative Koncepts makes every effort to include the weight of each box and the number of pieces per box in the product description. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and Kreative Koncepts reserves the right to change the packaging or master carton size at any time without prior notice.

The cost of shipping and handling is additional, and is NOT included in the item price (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

SPECIALTY NICHE WEBSITES:  On our Specialty Niche Websites only, we have incorporated the shipping and designated setup fees into the price of the item. (You will see the term, "ALL INCLUSIVE — NO additional charges" on the individual product page if this offer applies.)

Please Note:
The information here is intended to serve as a guideline only. Special circumstances may cause variations in actual processing and delivery time. Delivery destinations and guaranteed delivery times may vary according to the policies of USPS, UPS and FedEx.  On occasion, we may use an alternate shipping company depending on shipping requirements. Overall delivery times are estimations only. While we do our best to get your order shipped as fast as possible, actual delivery time ultimately depends upon the shipping company. Please contact us should you have a special timeframe or delivery requirement, and we will help determine the best shipping method for your circumstances.

Standard Order Processing & Shipping:
Orders are processed Monday - Friday (not including holidays). Orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the following Monday (not including holidays).

How fast will I get my order?
Production times are listed for every item on the site. This is the number of business days it takes to print your item with a single color imprint after you’ve approved your artwork. The number of days for delivery depends on the shipping method you choose.

What is a ship date? What if I have an important deadline?
Under normal circumstances Kreative Koncepts will guarantee to ship your merchandise on or before your specific deadline; however, you should be aware that we cannot be held responsible for delays on the part of the carrier who is delivering your merchandise.

In rare instances, we may actually ship the item after the intended ship date by a faster shipping method in order to meet the intended receipt date. The additional cost for this will be at our expense. While Kreative Koncepts does guarantee that your goods will arrive by a certain day, we are unable to guarantee an exact time of delivery.

The best way to ensure that your products arrive before your event or promotion is to order EARLY.  This is true for all promotional items and gifts but even more so when it occurs near a major holiday, which can slow down shipping and production times. Reduce your stress levels — order early!

Can I split my order and ship to multiple locations?
Sure! Kreative Koncepts will ship up to one additional location for no charge. Just let us know when you place your order.

Can I ship on my own shipping account?
You are more than welcome to use your own UPS or FedEx shipping account number for all freight charges. In some instances, you may receive better rates on shipping through your corporate account.

If you do not wish to use your own shipping account, the total shipping charges will be included in your order total.

Which shipping methods do you use?
UPS Ground is our standard and preferred shipping method. For expedited shipping, we use FedEx or UPS.

Signature for FedEx and UPS Delivery:
The shipping vendors often require a signature for delivery. We will email you a tracking number so that you can monitor delivery progress and make arrangements to be available to accept your package. Unless alerted otherwise, we will use the email address from the order process.

Please provide us with a valid shipping phone number on the shipping address in the event you need to be reached to arrange delivery.

If you are not available to sign for your order and a notice is left, delivery is not considered to be late. Shipping charges will not be refunded if you are not available to sign for your package and delivery was attempted on the scheduled delivery date.

Weekend and Holiday Delivery:
Orders will be delivered Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). Packages are not delivered on most holidays, Saturday or Sunday.

Alaska and Hawaii:
Shipping method and delivery time may vary for packages shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. UPS Ground and 3-Day shipping is not available.

Can I ship internationally?
For many of our items, yes. Please contact us.

Do you ship to APO addresses?
We do ship to APO/FPO U.S. Military addresses and to P.O. Boxes within the 50 United States. Due to customs requirements and postal service rules regarding the shipping of APO's, it can take up to ten days to ship orders going to military addresses. Packages sent to military addresses may be delayed by military mail handling. Orders will be sent via a USPS mail service. UPS Ground, 3-Day, 2-Day and Next Day delivery are not available.

FAQs about Product Safety and The KK Promise

Product Safety and State Regulations — If covered by a Federal regulation (CPSA, FHSA, FFA, PPPA), then State or local law is essentially preempted.

Examples of State Legislation: Current, Future, and Proposed


What is Proposition 65?

In November 1986, California voters overwhelmingly approved an initiative to address growing concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. That initiative became The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known by its original name, Proposition 65. Any company with ten or more employees that operates within the State or sells products in California must comply with the requirements of Proposition 65. Under Proposition 65, businesses are:

1) prohibited from knowingly discharging listed chemicals into sources of drinking water; and

2) required to provide a "clear and reasonable" warning before knowingly and intentionally exposing anyone to a listed chemical. This warning can be given by a variety of means, such as by labeling a consumer product, by posting signs at the workplace, or by publishing notices in a newspaper.

For more information about Proposition 65, please visit the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment web site online at:

Why should you care about Product Compliance?

When you make an investment to promote your brand, it's important to make sure you are protecting it too, with compliant products.

Product compliance is the assurance that products you give your target audience meet environmental, social and product safety regulations and standards.

Be Responsible. Everyone in the product chain (from manufacturers, to suppliers, to the companies who buy and distribute the product) is responsible for providing safe products that will not cause harm to the product recipient.

Promotional products are safe and effective for promoting your brand. Just be aware of the safety issue. Ask the right questions. Use the right promotional products partner.

When you work with a stable, trusted partner, like Kreative Koncepts, together we can ensure you have safe, compliant products to promote and protect your brand.

How did product safety become my concern?

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) — In 2008, Congress passed the CPSIA, which strengthened existing safety standards, especially for children's products. Key components of the act include: lower limits for lead and other toxic chemicals, testing for small parts, and a permanent tracking system for all products intended for children under the age of 12. However, an item that your organization doesn't intend for children, doesn't exclude it from the CPSIA.

For more information concerning CPSIA compliance and requirements, please visit:

What is a children's product?

It's not just children's products - ALL products you select must be compliant with other Federal and state regulations:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — Regulates foods and health-related products.

Prop 65 — California law requiring a warning statement on products containing certain chemicals.

Various State Regulations — Many states have regulations for the presence of certain chemicals in consumer products.

Our Promise To You

We promise to safeguard your Brand as if it were our own.

Providing our clients with safe, tested and approved products is a commitment we take seriously. We've put together one of the most extensive product safety initiatives in our marketplace.

Here's how we're protecting your brand:

  1. We have implemented strict supplier safety standards and work ONLY with "safe suppliers," who have provided us with compliance certification and documentation and extensive indemnification certification.
  2. Complete social compliance — all manufacturing processes are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible.
  3. Helped establish industry best practices and Code of Product Responsibility.


FAQs ... About Everything Else

How do I check my order status?
Call us at (866) 599-8200 or email to get the latest information about your order.

Can I order the products blank/no imprint?
Perhaps you own a printing business or simply need a supply of blank goods.  Either way, most Kreative Koncepts products are available without an imprint. In most cases, the same pricing for printed merchandise applies to blank merchandise except there is no a set-up charge and most blank orders ship out within 24 hours time.

To place a blank order, please contact us by phone at (866) 599-8200 or via e-mail at

Can I order fewer than the stated minimum?
Most of the time the minimum quantity shown is the required minimum. However, in some cases, you may be able to order less than minimum. When available, a factory charge may apply. As you know, customization is costly and complex work with much involved at the factory. Please contact us at (866) 599-8200 for information about your specific order.

Can I order any shirt size combination that I want?
At Kreative Koncepts we understand the need for a unique mix of sizes. That means you can order ANY mix of sizes you like! Need a little guidance choosing sizes? We are MORE than happy to help. We also have a size selection chart, which will give you guidelines on the general size breakdowns for random groups.

What if I receive more or less than I ordered?
Typically in our industry you are charged for any overruns though most of the factories that we work with run fairly close. So, whether you receive more or less than you ordered, you will only be charged for that exact amount.

Can I cancel or change my order?
Once you sign off on the order acknowledgment and artwork, the order is initiated and production begins. If you require additional information or clarification, please contact us before approving those documents. You can cancel at any time PRIOR TO the order going into production. If you need to make any changes to your order, please contact us immediately. Once items have been imprinted with your logo, we can no longer accept a cancellation.

What if I am not happy with the final product?
All of the products featured on our web site are carefully selected. We choose to only work with factories who maintain a high quality of product and excellence of service. Kreative Koncepts does everything we can to control the many print, product, and color variables that can occur during customization. We make our best effort to advise you on quality and try to suggest the best product for every situation, budget, and need. We are committed to delivering a quality product on time and printed according to your exact specifications. When placing an order, if you are concerned about quality, please do not hesitate to request a sample at any time before or during the order process.

Can I see a sample?
Yes! We understand that sometimes it's important to actually get your hands on an item before ordering. Kreative Koncepts will provide one FREE SAMPLE, including UPS Ground shipping, up to $5.00. In most cases they are yours to keep.

All samples over $5.00 will require payment via credit card prior to sending the sample, and shipping is additional. At our discretion, we may send a more expensive item FREE, however we may also ask you to return the item so we can keep our prices to you low.

You are more than welcome to provide your shipping account number when ordering samples. Please keep in mind that most of our promotional products ship from different locations so will incur separate costs. The necessary billing information will be collected prior to shipping multiple or paid samples.

SIDE NOTE: If you end up placing a full order for one of the samples you purchase you will be refunded the item cost for that specific item.

Our sample service is intended to help those who are seriously considering an item or are looking for ideas. We reserve the right to refuse to send samples at our discretion (although we don’t usually find the need to!).

What is the return policy?
We make every effort to fill your order to your specifications. The ordering process for imprinted goods allows you the opportunity to obtain a sample of the good (often at no charge) before ordering and to approve your print proof before the imprinting process begins. Since your specially imprinted goods have no value to us or to other customers, no returns of properly-imprinted goods are accepted. All blank merchandise returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee in addition to the freight costs necessary to return the product. Incomplete or partial returns will not be accepted. Unauthorized returns are not accepted.

In the case that you believe you received a product or order in error, please contact Kreative Koncepts within 5 business days of receipt of the merchandise. Before we can begin to process a claim, we will likely require a sampling of the product you received in order for us to review. Any credits, returns, or refunds will be processed quickly — and we will do everything we can to quickly fix our errors or mistakes!

In the case of a customer error or unauthorized return, the customer is responsible for the return freight back to Kreative Koncepts.

Are there any other charges I should know about?

Though not typical, there are other charges that may apply. Examples include:

These charges will be listed on your quote so there are never any surprises when you order from Kreative Koncepts!

Use of Trademarks
If we use artwork you have supplied to imprint your product, you are warranting that you have unrestricted authority and right to use and distribute that artwork.

Do you have the license to print my School, University or College logo?
Often, yes. We are licensed to reproduce many, many college and university logos for internal use. Just give us a call!

Do you offer rush service?
Last minute event — or a project that got overlooked?  We can help! Kreative Koncepts has thousands of items that can be rush ordered. Production time varies by product, and expedited shipping methods are always recommended for very important deadlines. Depending on the item, additional fees and charges may apply for rush services. Please call us at (866) 599-8200 to find out if rush service is available for the item you're interested in.

Contact Kreative Koncepts

How do I get a quote?

Easy! Simply call 866-599-8200 or send an email to:

We love feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you want to share a story about your favorite items used in a promotional products setting, please send an email to:

Click here to read some of our Customer Testimonials.

Send us your testimonial with a photo or video clip and save $25.00 off your next order!

Kreative Koncepts is pleased to serve hundreds of clients all over the United States. Our main office is located in the friendly community of Apopka on the outskirts of Orlando Florida with an additional office in Dallas Texas.

We look to forward to welcoming you into the KK Family of Customers!

Toll Free Phone: (866) 599-8200

Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm EST, excluding major holidays

Please note:

The artwork, designs and trademarks shown on products on this website are examples of the products and imprinting services we offer. They do not represent endorsement by the owners of the artwork, designs or trademarks.

All prices and product information are subject to change without notice.


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